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Flexible Pillow Shape Drinking Water Storage Container Tank On Stock

Safely store fresh potable water near the point of use with these pillow shape drinking water storage container tank.These flexible potable water tanks are collapsible,fold down for compact and efficient storage,and handle easily during deployment.
  • KSD-001
  • Keystar

Storage tanks for potable water description

Several reasons make flexible pillow shape drinking water storage container tank ideal vessels or water storage,particularly within contexts where drinking water availability is scarce and there need either transport drinking water using trucks,or storage drinking water for disaster victims and refugees during tsunamis and earthquakes.

Details of potable drinking water storage tanks

Product name:flexible pillow shape drinking water storage container tank 

Model No.:KSD-001

Environmental adaptation temperature:-46~+86℃.

Capacity of tank:200 liter or 200,000 liter 

Waterproof index:100%.

Outdoor life:8~10 years.

Specification oftank for drinking water

Code Capacity  Size(m)    Code  Capacity   Size(m)

1         200L      1.4x0.9        10      7000L    4.90x2.80

2         500L      2.05x1.10     11      8000L   5.30x2.90

3       1000L      2.50x1.50     12      9000L   5.65x2.95

4       1500L      3.10x1.60     13     10000L  5.75x3.05

5        2000L     3.17x1.87     14     12000L  5.20x3.90

6       3000L      3.67x2.17     15     15000L  5.20x4.50

7       4000L      3.90x2.40     16     20000L  5.40x5.20

8       5000L      4.30x2.60     17     30000L   7.20x5.20

9       6000L      4.60x2.60     18     40000L   8.30x6.50

Some of the benefits of the pillow drinking water storage tanks as follows

1.The pillow tanks are ideal for water trucking to populations facing water shortage

2.The pillow tanks are be distributed to groups or populations in need of water storage vessels,for example,agro-pastoral and pastoral communities,or any other emergency areas.

3.Pillow water tanks are reliable,portable and can be carried by means of animal transport such as camel and donkey.



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