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Flexible gray water bladder tanks

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With the continuous development of society, the development of the environment has received more and more people's attention. "Low-carbon life" is the current popular theme: collection and reuse of rainwater, recycling of factory wastewater, reuse of domestic wastewater, seawater Become fresh water and so on. How to use a simple and convenient way to recycle? Still using bulky and unsuitable plastic injection barrels, iron cans, fiberglass containers, etc., this method is obviously not suitable; a product produced by our company: soft, foldable, mobile, good transport and other software The volume occupied by the container is equivalent to 6% or less of the original capacity, so that it is convenient to transport. 

Our flexible gray water bladder tanks are an industry favorite due to their low-cost shipping, easy storage, and quick set up time. Designed to offer high strength even when used outdoors or with chemicals, these tanks are constructed from a range of fabrics that can handle both water and UV exposure. All pillow tanks come standard with two 2" fittings for fill/discharge

flexible gray water bladder tanks

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