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Feature of collapsible rain bucket

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Capturing rain water is the best way to conserve water.We should keep in mind rainwater is a valuable resource,Don't let it get away!

collapsible rain can

Collapsible rain can is your best choice,It is made of corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant pvc fabric, puncture-resistant, allowing it to be easily stored anywhere, whether a garage or basement or garden shed.

foldable and durable rain barrel

Now available in 10 sizes to fit your space! Collapsible rain can are all portable and lightweight when it is empty,it is suitable for emergency water storage, camping trips and burning man can put foldable and durable rain barrel on the corner of house or any place to help you take advantage of a free natural resource, which not only helps you further green your backyard, it also decreases demand for treated water and saves your money! Place it under your gutter or just on your deck, and reuse the water for all your outdoor needs.

folding rainwater barrel

Top lid with zip-fastener,there has a big mouth on the top of portable rain barrel when you make zips open,All inlet and outlet with netted filter,it is so easy collecting and a mesh screen to keep the debris and leaves out.

The wide opening allows you to easily fill and drain pails and buckets, while the pre-installed nozzle at the base is compatible with a garden hose.

The rain barrel can be easily be emptied and moved to new place, even where a water source is not readily available.

You can send e-mail or call us 86-29-8551 8382 to let us know how big rain barrel you need.thanks!


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