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Drought Relief Onion Water Bladder Tanks

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In the event of various natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, water pollution, etc., the biggest threat people face at this time is the problem of drinking water. Rapid and maneuvering of sanitation or uncontaminated water to the affected areas is one of the measures in the government's emergency plan. With the traditional transportation method of the car water tank, the large capacity and high speed will transport the water to the destination.

Every year, there are many areas because of drought, such as parts of Yunnan, grain is not harvested, human animals are thirsty, such losses can not be measured by money, if we can do things to prepare sufficient irrigation water or reference water, Avoid drought and minimize losses.

The soft onion water bladder tanks is made of high-strength flexible synthetic material by high-frequency welding. The outer surface of the soft can can be added with anti-wear material, flame-retardant material and anti-ultraviolet material according to the requirements of use; when carrying liquid, it can be selected according to the chemical characteristics of the liquid. The inner coating material does not have any chemical reaction with the liquid molecules to ensure the original properties of the liquid bearing.

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