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Do you know EAN code used in export packing?

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EAN code is a kind of commodity made by the International Association for coding of goods. It is used worldwide. EAN code symbols are Standard Version (EAN-13) and shortened version (EAN-8) two. The standard version stands for 13 bit numbers, also known as EAN13 codes, and the shortened version stands for 8 digit numbers, also known as EAN8. The last bit of the two bar code is the check bit, which is calculated by the 12 or 7 digit figures in the front.

EAN code of water tank

The application of EAN codes in the international packaging is an important content of modern packaging, it can promote the role of international trade, the world market is very competitive, goods to enter the National Mall, in addition to the quality of the goods, in addition to product packaging must meet the requirements of international trade, product packaging is also must be in conformity with the international standard bar code symbol, otherwise, the product can cure in the low-end stores.

EAN code of water bladder

Most of our products have EAN code,such as collapsible rainwater barrel,portable jerry can 7liter and 20liter,collapsible large water tank.

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