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Do you know collapsible pvc water tank can store inorganic salt?

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Today we got one phone from one of customers they store inorganic salt by pillow pvc water tank 100000liter successfully.

What's inorganic salt?An organic salt is a salt containing an organic ion ( carbon atoms )  The reaction product of an organic acid and an inorganic base, for example, sodium acetate (CH3COONa) from the reaction of acetic acid (CH3COOH) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH).  The Organic ion, here, is CH3COO-   Inorganic compounds come principally from mineral sources of non-biological origin. The modern definition of inorganic compounds often includes all metal-containing compounds, even those found in living systems.  So, Inorganic salts are salts of such elements (salts that don't contain carbon atoms)  For eg:  NaCl, KCl, BaCl2, Al2SO4, etc

Applications for the inorganic salts range from highly industrial capabilities to the most precise chemical synthesis.

The customer bought pillow pvc water container 100000liter with 10pcs from us last time.they told us in calling they thank for our supporting,meanwhile they will purchase collapsible grey water tank 100000liter with 20pieces again,they are chemical factory,attached are the pictures from them.

collapsible pvc water tank can store inorganic salt

flexible pvc water tank can store inorganic salt

We know another usage from their feedback,you can choose portable black water tank

to store it if you want to store other chemical liquid by it,like as inorganic salt.

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