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Do you know collapsible ballast water tank?

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We would like to tell you that our collapsible water tank can be used to be as ballast water tank,most of customer choose pillow shape pvc water storage tank as ballast water tank.

collapsible water tank

Feature of bridge ballast water storage tank

Ballast water bladder is a kind of environmental protection type folding software water containers, suitable for camping or under the conditions that no fixed storage facilities , bladder can solve the practical problems of water resources in emergency. Soft water bag has the advantages of high strength, light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution of water, ageing resistance and good water resistance and other characteristics, at the same time the tank also has the characteristics of good shape, simple packaging, can be folded when anhydrous, iron and plastic containers can play incomparable advantages.

PVC water tank on boatpillow PVC water bladder on boat

We would like to tell you that those methods have fallen behind if you're still testing bridges with traditional concrete blocks and sandbags.

Ballast water container tank can be widely applied to all types of bridge preloading, railway and highway bridge construction etc.

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