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Distributor Foldable Rainwater Barrel Will Fly To France

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All rainwater barrels will ship to France by air today.

We make our effect to finish them as soon as possibly.This is final order before our Spring Festival holiday.

This foldable rain water tank is perfect to harvest rain water in the tank for later use. With the collected water you can wash your car, bike or pet.

pipes 04.jpg semi-finished products 01.jpg

 Thanks to the high-quality PVC, it is UV-resistant as well as corrosion-resistant and guarantees a long life. In addition, each input and output was equipped with a mains filter. Therefore, the water inside the tank is effectively cleaned.

  foldable rain barrel.jpg packing of rainwater barrel.jpg

All necessary accessories were packed together, including a PVC tarpaulin, a water tap with filter, an overflow valve, a garden hose and an overflow hose. Installation is very simple.

We offer 15 different models of this rainwater harvesting tank.please feeel free to let us know if you like them.


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