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Different between black water and grey water

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We supply flexible grey water bladder with large quantity each year,some customer use portable pvc water bladder on boat to store grey water,others use collapsible wastewater tank on boat to store black water,but do you know what's black water?and what's grey water?

Two different types of wastewater may be created on board vessels:black water and grey water.

Black water is the drainage and other wastes from any form of also includes any other wastewater when mixed with such drainages,and includes solid human faecal wastes,black water does not include grey water unless it is mixed with other black water wastes

Grey water is water that has been used in the galley,shower,sink and laundry.This includes water containing dissolved or undissolved by products such as fat and oil,food scraps,household chemicals,soap and detergent rich in phosphate,nitrate and microbiological pathogens,such as bacteria and viruses.Grey water that is mixed with black water becomes black water.

There are currently no prohibitions on the discharge of grey water,but this issue may be considered in the future.

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