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Diesel Bladder Storage Tanks, Flexible Diesel Fuel Bladder‎

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The diesel fuel bladder in the container is made of polymer composite material welded by high frequency machine under high temperature . In order to avoid the oil inside the box and the impurities in the external environment eroding the material mesh of the weld, all the inner and outer welds are sealed and welded with the oil-resistant sealing material when the box is made. Compared with metal tanks, diesel Bladder Storage Tanks have the advantages of light weight, small size, no rust, convenient loading and unloading, and easy to deploy and withdraw. They are widely used in the battlefield to store bulk oil. In special cases, soft oil tanks can also be placed on vehicles, ships and aircraft as oil containers. Some soft diesel bladder fuel tanks can also be used for air transport, airdrop, helicopter lift, water haulage and underwater storage of oil. It can replace traditional iron tanks or fuel tanks in many fields such as oil storage and pipeline repair. Soft liquid tanks is becoming a new way to store and transport liquids. It has been widely used in various industries and is ideal for replacing hard cans in the future.

The characteristics of the soft oil bladder in the container: wear-resistance, tensile strength, tear resistance, peeling resistance, can be folded to less than 6% of the total volume in the empty body state, save space, easy to store, waterproof, fireproof, flame retardant, resistant UV, oil, stain, acid and alkali resistance, durable, long-life design, used in special industrial bags, military oil storage bags, diesel oil storage bags, large cargo bags, mechanical packaging.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the application of Flexible Diesel Fuel Bladder‎ mainly lies in the transportation industry such as automobiles, trains and airplanes, as well as the storage of oil in the trunk of ordinary private cars. This is because the product itself has a soft advantage, can change the shape at will in storage, has no fixed position, and is easy to carry, and is a container with relatively high storage utilization rate. Such product design itself is also in line with the needs of modern development. It can be said that its emergence is a turning point and labor saving for the liquid transportation industry, bringing a lot of convenience to all aspects of our life.

The use of soft fuel tank products is also very simple. Add liquids and store them directly. There is no need to remove liquids due to lack of space. It can also be folded to save more space. Even so, many people still have certain concerns when using it. For example, when a private car owner uses it as a storage fluid bag, they will worry if the bumps on the road will cause the bag to break. I believe many friends will have considerable problems. . In fact, this is something that you don't have to worry about, because the product design process has taken such a problem into consideration. Therefore, we have made good adjustments in the selection of materials, and selected high-quality materials with strong toughness and double-layer inside and outside, even if it is sharp or For harder objects, it also produces automatic resistance. Under normal circumstances, there is no damage.

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