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Development of a flexible fuel bladder to increase the duration of flight

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The development of a flexible fuel bladder to increase the duration of flight of an aircraftMaijieke was approached to design a flexible bladder for storage of additional fuel to supplement the one stored in the wings of an aircraft, for the purpose of increasing the duration of flight.

A business jet manufacturer contacted us to investigate the possibility of increasing the duration of flights by using additional fuel tanks. The challenge that was entrusted to us was as follows:

- A volume of 800 liters of storing complementary fuel to that stored in the wings of the aircraft

- An integration of this tank in a small space

- Aeronautical design and qualification of tank performance

- A quality management system meeting the aeronautical standards 

With a lot experience in the field of design and production of all kinds of fuel tanks, Maijieke proposed a flexible fuel tank made from high strength fabric. This fabric meets the aeronautical standards of electrical conductivity and fire resistance, which are essential for this flight equipment.

Our factory, in partnership with our client, has followed the technical parameters to meet the requirements like acceleration, braking, lifespan ...)

The key element in the reliability of the tank was again hot curing in an autoclave. In fact, thanks to this vulcanisation process, to tailor-made tools, to the know-how of our employees in terms of assembly, the first prototype passed the customer qualification.

PA142355 800 600

- A precise dimension allowing easy housing in the reception box

- The installation of interior accessories (pulling, elements of recovery of efforts ..)

- Dynamic behavior that meets the performance requirements initially requested

- Reliability of use and a lifetime of about 8 years

This collaboration between Maijieke and the clients has been a real success. This aircraft manufacturer speak highly of our flexible fuel bladder

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