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Custom Made Portable PVC Black Water Tank Flexible Gray Water Mining Water Treatment Bladder 

We can supply portable black water tank flexible gray water mining treatment bladder with high quality and competitive price for you,our company have engaged in making it for many years with good reputation among customers,bladder can store gray water and water from mine,and it can keep away and use it again for next time.
  • KSD-005
  • Keystar

Wastewater storage tank description

Liquid fertilizers provide crops with vital nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, which help support the crops grow bigger,faster,and ultimately harvest more production.RAINBOW flexible PVC can give you a solution to store liquid fertilizer in field,in container or on truck.They can be used in any place and climate.Rolled up after finished and use again in next season.

Water portable tank details

Product name:custom made portable PVC black water tank flexible gray water mining water treatment bladder

Model No:KSD-005

Tank capacity:determined by size of your truck

Material:pvc tarpaulin

Shape of tank:pillow,rectangle and onion

Portable Black Water Tank Flexible Gray Water Mining Treatment Bladder.jpg

Waste water tanks sizes & capacities

No. Capacity Dimensions(unfilled) Weight(unfilled) No. Capacity Dimensions(unfilled) Weight(unfilled)
1 53 gal. 43"L x 24"W x12"H 8.82 lb. 9 1585 gal. 150"L x 71"W x35"H 59.52 lb.
2 132 gal. 65"L x 28"W x16"H 15.43 lb. 10 1849 gal. 157"L x 77"W x35"H 63.93 lb.
3 264 gal. 79"L x 39"W x20"H 17.64 lb. 11 2113 gal. 173"L x 79"W x35"H 70.55 lb.
4 396 gal. 98"L x 39"W x24"H 24.25 lb. 12 2378 gal. 185"L x 79"W x37"H 74.96 lb.
5 528 gal. 98"L x 47"W x26"H 28.66 lb. 13 2642 gal. 189"L x 87"W x37"H 81.57 lb.
6 793 gal. 118"L x 59"W x26"H 35.27 lb. 14 3963 gal, 197"L x 118"W x39"H 114.64 lb.
7 1057 gal. 122"L x 63"W x31"H 44.09 lb. 15 5283 gal. 240"L x 130"W x39"H 134.48 lb.
8 1321 gal. 138"L x 71"W x31"H 52.91 lb. 16 6604 gal. 315"L x 124"W x39"H 163.14 lb.

Plastic for water storage advantage 

1.Assemble easily
2.Lifetime is 8-10 years under sunshine
3.Two years warranty  after shipment

4.Made by PVC tarpaulin

5.Foldable when it is unfilled

6.Lower labor/time consuming for handling & loading.

7.Clean asepsis and no risk of contamination.

8.Environmental friendly.

Chemical tanks plastic usage 

*Harvest gray water from your equipment or house

*Store gray water anywhere

*Under mobile house

*Store PH between 4-9 all liquid except corrosive is ok.

Packing and delivery of flexible gray water mining treatment bladder

portable black water tank flexible gray water mining treatment bladder.JPG

Wastewater storage tank-FAQ 

Q1.Are you factory or trade company?

A:We are one of professional manufacturers of collapsible water tank and fuel bladder in China,established in 2006 ,we have another factory in QingDao of China.

Q2.Can you supply free sample ?

A:Yes,we can,and you need pay express charge.

Q3.How to inspect quality of water tank and fuel bladder?

A:We will do inflatable testing and soap-foam testing before packing.

Q4.What is the MOQ?

A:Our MOQ is 20pcs,but we can accept 1-2pcs as trial order.

Q5.Is there any discount?

A:Yes,price is based on your quantity,discount is depended on your large quantity too,we often supply competitive price to customer within 16 years.

Q6.How to place order and make payment ?

A:You can place Purchase Order to us or send your order confirmation to us by email,and we will make Proforma Invoice(or Sales Confirmation) with bank information to you,then you can make payment and start to do business with each other.

Q7.Can you supply fast delivery?

A:No problem!



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