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Custom Flexible PVC Rainwater Storage Bladder Pillow Rain Water Storage Tanks

Item name:50000 gallon water bladder, pillow rain water storage tanks, PVC water storage tanks
Material:PVC tarpaulin
Model No.:KSD-007
Capacity:From 200 to 200,000 liter (53-52770 gal.)
Shape of rain tank:pillow,onion, rectangle according to your requirements
  • KSD-007
  • Keystar

Rain water storage tank description

Collapsible pillow water tanks are flexible storage option designed to provide small and bulk water storage on your site, facility, home, or business location. This is a big storage tank which can be equipped with handle. The main application of soft water tank is to collect rain water by pillow water tank. It is suitable for different climates and places to collect rainwater store them to use later. 50000 gallon water bladder pillow

Bladder tanks for water storage specification

Code Capacity Dimensions Net Weight Foldable Volume
1 200L/53 gal. 55"x35" 4kgs/8.82 lb. 0.01m3
2 500L/132 gal. 81"x43" 6kgs/13.23 lb. 0.02m3
3 1000L/264 gal. 98"x59" 9kgs/19.84 lb. 0.04m3
4 1500L/396 gal. 122"x63" 11kgs/24.25 lb. 0.05m3
5 2000L/528 gal. 125"x74" 14kgs/30.86 lb. 0.06m3
6 3000L/793 gal. 144"x85" 16kgs/35.27 lb. 0.08m3
7 4000L/1057 gal. 154"x94" 20kgs/44.09 lb. 0.09m3
8 5000L/1321 gal. 169"x102" 24kgs/52.91 lb. 0.10m3
9 6000L/1585 gal. 181"x102" 27kgs/59.52 lb. 0.11m3
10 7000L/1849 gal. 193"x110" 32kgs/70.55 lb. 0.12m3
11 8000L/2113 gal. 209"x114" 34kgs/74.96 lb. 0.13m3
12 9000L/2378 gal. 222"x116" 35kgs/77.16 lb. 0.14m3
13 10000L/2642 gal. 226"x120" 37kgs/81.57 lb. 0.15m3
14 12000L/3170 gal. 205"x154" 48kgs/105.82 lb. 0.19m3
15 15000L/3963 gal. 205"x177" 52kgs/114.64 lb. 0.22m3
16 20000L/5283 gal. 213"x205" 61kgs/134.48 lb. 0.26m3
17 30000L/7925 gal. 283"x205" 81kgs/178.57 lb. 0.35m3
18 40000L/10567 gal. 327"x256" 107kgs/235.89 lb. 0.46m3

Portable water storage bladder features 

1.It can be put in any site as long as there is plenty of rain to collect

2. Each tank are equiped with inlet fitting and outlet valve 

3. Can be easily folded ,transported & relocated anywhere 

4. Easy to operate, it can be set up quickly and requires no fixing tools 

5. Empty tanks can be folded, compact fold for easy storage 

6. Envirmentally friendly 

connection of pillow rain water storage tanks

Flexible water storage tanks advantages 

1.Totally sealed, no evaporation or airborne contaminants

2. Stable, no water loss caused by tipping or bumping 

3. Portable,can be installed indoors to reduce solar heat gain 

4. Longer if installed indoors or under roof 

1000 litre rainwater tank-storage capacity and temperature 

1.Capacity(liter): 200~200,000litre(53-52770gal.)

2. Temperature(° C): -30 ~ +75 


Prospects for rainwater collecting of 50000 Gallon Water Bladder Pillow Rain Water Storage Tanks

Rainwater harvesting or rain capture is becoming increasingly popular for landscape irrigation due to recent improvements in drip irrigation technology and the increasing cost of treated potable water. We manufactures collapsible different flexible rain water tank with multiple sizes,overground and underground rain water storage tanks are all suitable for this purpose. 



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