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Compressive PVC Rain Barrel Rainwater Harvesting From Roof Barrel 380L Factory

PVC rain barrel rainwater harvesting barrel is made with flexible PVC material,so the barrel is compressive when it is empty.100 to 3000 liter for your choice.Roll up in small volume and keep in carton to reuse in next season.
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Cool rain barrels description

Finding the right compressive PVC harvesting rainwater barrels water storage tank for your household water storage has never been easier! Introducing the 380 Liter utility barrel from RAINBOW! With bottom ball-valve,portable and reusable, this heavy duty water barrel is ready to go where you are! These 380 Liter barrels are ready for the open yard and garden! And they work perfectly for long term water storage in your emergency storage!

Downspout rain barrel specification

CapacityDiameter x HeightSupporting rods
100 LitreØ40X H78cm3
160 LitreØ50X H 88cm3
250 LitreØ60X H 88cm3
380 LitreØ75X H 88cm4
800 LitreØ100x H 100cm4
1000 LitreØ110 x H 100cm6
1200 LitreØ120 x H 110cm6
1500 LitreØ130 x H 110cm6
1600 LitreØ150 x H 90cm8
2000 LitreØ150x H 110cm8
2500 LitreØ170 x H 110cm8
2500 LitreØ160x H 120cm8
3000 LitreØ185 x H 110cm10

Downspout into rain barrel features

1.Portable barrel can be placed on any level surface

2.Attach to garden hose or to flex-pipe.

3.Bottom,threaded valve connects to hose or soaker

4.Not crack when frozen—flexible to -40F.

5.Quick,no-hassle assembly

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