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Collapsible Rainwater Storage Tank Manufacturers

1. We Can Supply Wide Range Sizes 
2. Custom Fittings to Meet Site Requirements 
3. Drinking Water Compatible Materials Available 
4. Customize to Meet your Site Specifications 
5. Equipped with UV Resistance for Outdoor Storage
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Collapsible rainwater storage tank manufacturers 

Introduction of collapsible rainwater storage tank 

Rainwater is a useful resource for us. We can harvest rainwater with our collapsible rainwater storage tank while raining. Then we can re-use it for other uses, such as watering garden, washing car,and so on. Collapsible rainwater storage tank is made of PVC cloth manufactured by high frequency welding, which is a new kind of rainwater container. 

Some Sizes of Collapsible Rainwater Storage Tank


Advantages of collapsible rainwater storage tanks 

Collapsible rainwater storage tanks have many advantages. Compared with rigid tank, it can be collapsible and portable when empty,expanding and assemble easily, save space and put away to use in next time. 

Options of collapsible rainwater storage tanks 

We suggest you put one ground mat under collapsible rainwater storage tank in order to protect rainwater storage tank. 

We also supply repair kits for each rainwater tank,you can repair tank to use again once tank is damage by nail or splinter. Packing of collapsible rainwater storage tanks 

Packing with carton for each collapsible rainwater storage tank, so it is suitable for shipping by ocean,air and express.

Why you choose us?

We supply collapsible rainwater storage tank to oversea market for more than 12 years, so we have rich experience and very professional. You can send inquiry to us if you have demand to collapsible rainwater storage tank.  



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