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Collapsible Water Barrel For Soaking Seeds

Farmer can choose collapsible water barrel for soaking seeds.
portable and assemble easily
perfect in connecting with rice germination machine together
new helper in modern rice cultivation
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Collapsible water barrel for soaking seeds

Some advantages of collapsible water barrel for soaking seeds 

We can manufacture one new style barrel which is made by corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant pvc tarpaulin material,here are some advantages about it. 

*Looks like a roll of cloth after stacked 

*Assemble easily 

*Set frame around the barrel 

*Compressible package for storage and transportation

*Water from the tank is undrinkable 

How to soak seeds by collapsible water barrel? 

The purpose of soaking seeds is to make the seed valleys absorb water more quickly and achieve normal germination.

The farmers can put the rice seeds in water of collapsible water barrel for a period of time when planting rice.the heat production rate is getting faster and faster with the prolonged soaking time,and the seeds become “sweet”. the seeds begin to germinate after a while, The moisture content in the seeds reached a peak, there is a way to get quicker germination once your seeds are in the ground. 

You can choose it if you have a big farm and your region has low temperature,we can make many size of this kind of water barrel for you.



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