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Rain Water Barrel

This is a great rainwater diverter!
It works well and is reasonably easy to install.
Compressible package for storage and transportation.
Supply detailed installation instructions.
Lid with zip-fastener.
  • KSD-015
  • Keystar

Rain water barrel 

Our flexible rain water barrel are made of corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant pvc fabric,which makes them lightweight and flexible.You can fold and keep them up when not in use. They are Anti-UV and freeze-proof.flexible rain water barrel create a lighter environmental footprint compared to standard, plastic barrels or tanks.Guaranteed to last for 10 years. 

Here's what's included with your rain water barrel: 

1.Flexible rain barrel

2.Filter diverter 

3.Plastic poles (will need assembly) 

4.Strut frame, 1/2'' garden hose with fittings and 32MM flexible pipe included 

5.All inlet and outlet with netted filter              

6.Tap-Outlet in 33cm height 

7.Diameter of inlet is 10.5 cm 

Warranty & Support of rain water barrel 

*2 year manufacture warranty 


*Packing:color box or carton 

*Delivery time:within 20 business days after you pay down payment to us



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