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Garden Collapsible Rain Water Barrel

Garden collapsible rain water barrel can collect rainwater from roof,volume range of rain water barrel is from 50gallon,75gallon,100gallon,150gallon,200gallon,250gallon,300gallon,350gallon and 400gallon,you can use rainwater again.
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Garden Collapsible Rain Water Barrel 

Model No.:KSD-010 

Material:PVC material 

Package:colour box or carton  

Type: Rain Barrel 

Specification:50gallon,75gallon,100gallon,150gallon,200gallon,250gallon,300gallon,350gallon and 400gallon


Product description of garden collapsible rain water barrel: 

Rain barrel water butt,collapsible rain barrel,garden collapsible water barrel,garden collapsible plastic water tank. This rain barrel is collapsible making it easy to take with you wherever you go. A small spout on the bottom is compatible with a standard water hose. 

It can be stored away at the end of the season to prevent problems with it freezing up in winter. 

Features of garden collapsible rain water barrel: 

1.Can be used with standard 3/4 Inch hose ends.Includes filter tap and overflow.

2.Unique collapsible rain barrel plus water diverter. 

3.Capture and store rain water from downspout. 

4.Collapsible for winter storage. 

5.Zippered top plus mesh screen to filter out debris. 

6.Holds 50gallon to 400gallon of rain water.

7.Strong and UV resistant for years. 

Warranty of garden collapsible rain water barrel:2 years 

Service after sales of garden collapsible rain water barrel:you can contact with us anytime if you need. 

Delivery time of garden collapsible rain water barrel:within 15-20 business days



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