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Collapsible Rainwater Harvesting Tank Successfully Used In Australia

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Thanks Molly for trusting us. She customized 20 sets collapsible water tank for rainwater collection with cover.

There are many reasons for collecting and storing rainwater. With the development of science and technology, more and more people intend to collecte rainwater and reuse for utilities or sprinkler systems.Some people intend to use fabric water tanks to store frinking water. Our collapsible rainwater harvesting tanks are a great option for collecting and storing rainwater for second use.

Whether you are looking for water storage bladder tanks during droughts or collapsible rainwater harvesting tanks to reuse rainwater saving costs, we always have a water bladder tank that can work for you. Besides, we offer customized service depending on your needs and size of your storage area.

Want to know more about collapsible rainwater harvesting tanks, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Email:


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