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Collapsible Soft Water Bladder for Bridge Load Capacity Test

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The collapsible soft water tank for bridge pre-pressed test has been widely used in the construction of bridges for railways and highways.

When building the bridge, we need to test the bridge load capacity first. Preloading the bridge load is a key task in the quality inspection of the project. The traditional test method is to use the iron tank or sandbags carrying  the solid material to take pressure test on the bridge,  which takes a lot of manpower and resources and brings inconvenience to the construction workers and the test cost is much higher.


Preloading with a soft collapsible water bag solves the above problems. The empty bag has a weight is more than one hundred kilograms, and the operation is simple. The operator only needs to place the empty test water bag in the pre-pressing part. Then use a water pump to fill it with water. Because the water bag is portable and foldable, easy to operate, and reusable, it will be an ideal choice for bridge preloading in the future.

Although the water bag pre-pressing method sounds very simple,  you also need to operate carefully, otherwise, the result is very serious. Here are the general steps for pre-pressing with the foldable water bag:

1. Do a survey at the pre-pressure site

On-site surveys are important. It can help workers to understand the pre-stressed environment, the pressure per square, the size of the pre-pressed water bag, and the fabrication of the stand.

2. Production and quotation of pre-pressing scheme

According to the results of the site survey, the pre-pressure scheme and the price of the corresponding scheme are produced, and the scheme is delivered to the constructor, and the pre-compression scheme is determined according to the actual situation.

3. Production of water bag.

To determine the preloading plan, you need to sign the contract. The next step is to make a pre-pressed water bag. 

4. Water filling and preloading of collapsibe water bag

Place the collapsibe water bag in the prepared template and fill it with water in the pre-pressed water bag.

5. Reuse of the water bag

When the pre-compression is completed, pour the water out and fold the water bag in a cool place to prevent it from being destroyed by humans or rats.

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