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Collapsible Rain Barrels 150pcs Shipped To France

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-29      Origin: Site

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We delivered collapsible rain barrels 50liter with 150pcs to our customer from France yesterday, who is one of our old customers and we started to do business with each other in 2017.

We provided some samples to them for testing when we contacted with each other at the first time,and the test was very successful. so we began to cooperate with a large number of procurement. Once we asked them what's the rainwater barrel  be used for? They told us their client use rain barrels to stock glycol,so they don't need barrels without holes and pipes,made a filter at the top of the rain water barrels.

As we all know that rainwater barrel are generally used to collect rainwater, and our French customer has developed another use of rainwater buckets. It can be seen that the rainwater barrel acts as a container and can store other liquids too, such as liquid fertilizer, wastewater, herbicides,additives,and the like.

The following pictures are from product and packaging drawing for this customer. Please contact with us if you need rainwater collection barrel,we have rich experience in export since our company founded in 2006,so we can provide competitive price and good after-sales service.

Please contact us  if you have any doubts about our products . We can customize different shape, colors, sizes of products as your requirments. Email:


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