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Collapsible PVC Water Tank For Fire Protectiont Fire Fighting Bladder Manufacturer 

How to fire fighting when fire happened in forest where is off-road and no water source?how to fire fighting when fire truck can't get into the forest?it is very necessary that we need set up fire source through many collapsible water bladders in advance.we are collapsible water tank fire department fire fighting tank manufacturer,our water tanks are your ideal choice.
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Water tank for fire protection description

Item name:collapsible water tank fire department fire fighting tank manufacturer

Model No.:KSD-007

Material:PVC tarpaulin

Color:customized if bulk requirement

Capacity:200litre to 200,000litre

Fire fighting water tank capacity and size

Volume(L)                   Onion shape
Top diameter Bottom diameter Height
5000 2.0m 3m 1.0m
10000 2.4m 4m 1.3m
20000 3.2m 5m 1.5m
25000 4.0m 6m 1.3m
40000 4.2m 6m 1.8m
50000 6.0m 8m 1.3m
100000 7.6m 10.8m 1.5m
150000 10.0m 12.5m 1.5m
200000 11 15m 1.5m
500000 19.2 22m 1.5m
800000 24 28m 1.5m
All the other sizes also can be customized.

Fire fighting storage tank application 

· Temporary storage

· Rain water collection

· Residential and public storage of water

· Defense water storage application

· Water treatment

· Emergency storage and relief

· Irrigation

· Mining

· Fire fighting in forest


Fire fighting tanks features  

1. Light weight, easy operation.

2. Minimum packing size, easy for transportation and storage.

3. No contamination for water, which may guarantee the quality of the material.

4. High strength of the coated fabric, the adhesion up to 60 lb/in.

5.Easy assembly on sites

6.High strength of the seams because of the high frequency melt and sealed with the same polyurethane as the tank body, sothe tanks have excellent ability against air leakage  

Fire fighting water storage packing & delivery

collapsible water tank fire department fire fighting tank.JPG

Need collapsible PVC water tank for fire protectiont fire fighting bladders? Call us at +86-29-8551-8382 to find out more about our flexible fire fighting water storage solutions!



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