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Collapsible pillow gray water tanks with larger sizes

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How do you usually storing gray water? And how do you usually transport gray water?

Collapsible pillow gray water storage tanks is a economical and practical solution for gray water storage. It is flat when empty. You can fold us or roll the tank up while not in use, which also makes ot is easy for transportation and storage. It easy to ship multiple large capacity tanks in the same storage container. It also helps to lower shipping and transportation costs, as tanks require a small storage space.The pillow gray water tank can not only be used for gray water, wastewater, it can also be used for the storage of chemicals, fertilizers etc.

Here are the possible application of of gray water tanks

Oil Field Water Storage, Mining Process Water Storage

Hydro Fracking Water Storage, Product Facilities

Military Operations, Construction Sites

Lawn and Pest Control Companies

Waste Water Treatment

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Collapsible pillow gray water tanks

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