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Aquaculture Fish Tank Flexible As Koi Fish Tank For Sale

Aquaculture fish tank flexible can foldable in small size when empty.
Set up easily and very portable.
Easy to move anywhere.
No tools needed.
You can rear fish indoor or on farm.
  • KSD-004
  • Keystar

Aquaculture fish tank flexible as koi fish tank for sale 

Product Description 

When you are looking for a collapsible tank to rear fish for human consumption such as tilapia,our aquaculture fish tank flexible can help you rear some fish. The dimension you need that we can supply on ground. See more information regarding flexible tanks to store fish. 

Specification of aquaculture fish tank flexible 

*Made by good quality pvc tarpaulin material 

*Specially for aquaculture 

*One shape with many different sizes 


Feature of aquaculture fish tank flexible 

1.Easy to assemble

2.Nontoxic,uvioresistant,antioxidative,thermostable,cold resistant 

3.Stretch-proof, resistant to stripping 

4.Fireproof, antibacterial, acid & alkali resistant 

5.Appearence perfectly, durable, non-distortable 

Aquaculture fish tank flexible option would be one of our folding metal frame tanks for the storage and reuse of fish,These tanks are built with an open top that allows fish to be easily inserted into the tank and maintained for use. Aquaculture fish tank flexible are built in capacities up to 2000 gallons which would be able to fit the storage location that you have described.



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