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Collapsible military fuel storage bladders

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Fuel bladders or fuel storage bladders are a kind of collapsible fuel storage bladders, flexible fuel storage bladder tanks that provide temporary or long term storage for industrial liquids  such as diesel fuel, jet fuel, crude oil and more.

Our collapsible fuel pillow bladders are made meeting international standards, and thay are slao available in military style. The pillow fuel bladder are used for refueling or fuel storage applications.It can also be used for construction. They are made from heavy-duty nylon coated geomembrane fabric materials,which is compact, lightweight, portable, durable and easy to use.

Fuel Bladder Accessories:

1. Military Style Fuel Bladders & packages

2. Ground Mat

3. Secondary Fuel Bladder Containment Berm or Liner

4. Repair Kit

5. Variety of connections

We Rainbow and our factory always serve you depending on your availability and need.

Please contact us and speak with our expert if you need other pillow bladder or you want more product information or a shipping quote of our collapsible fuel storage bladders.  Email:


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