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Collapsible Fuel Cell Bladder Tanks Used In Aircraft, Helicopters and Vehicles

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The soft water storage bag also called collapsible fuel tank, which is used as fuel bladder for aircraft. Our aircraft fuel bladder is made of high-strength flexible material welded by high-temperature machine. The soft tank can be selectively added with anti-oxidation materials, wear-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant materials, anti-UV materials, etc.

We can customized according to the environmental requirements specified by the customer. . The fuel bladder aircraft can be made into square shape. Several inlet and outlet valves or quick connectors can be provided, and a one-way exhaust valve can be provided to ensure that the liquid is not in contact with the air as much as possible. The aircraft fuel bladder is efficient and convenient because the bladder’s body can be folded after use, which will not affect the surrounding environment or occupy spaces. Moreover, it can also be used repeatedly.

Collapsible Fuel Cell Bladder Tanks Used In Gas Station


Temporary reservoir system will be a better solution if large quantities of liquid are stored when needed or if it is not convenient to build permanent storage tanks. At the same time, the soft fuel storage bag can also be used as a temporary fire transfer reserve fire water and equipment urban water supply and drainage emergency system.

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