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Collapsible Fish Tank Tarpaulin Plastic Fish Farm Tank

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We have kinds of materials, products shapes for collapsible water bladder manufacturing. With strong design and production ability, we could produce water baldder tanks according to different using conditions and sites for customers. Also we could participate the design of water baldder tanks and guide the using on spot and commit to provide high quality products and service. 

Here are the advantages of collapsible bladder inflatable water tanks

1. Anti-corrosion, freeze-proofing, antioxidant, uvioresistant.

2. Widely used in many fields, like construction sites, firefighting, emergency situation.

3. Resistance to low and high temperature.

4. Won't be affected by sea-water, chemicals, agentia, oil and aquatic life.

5. Non-pollution, could not damage environment, the best environmental airbags in the domestic.

6. Used for storage, transporting water, acid, alkali, and oil, also used for repairing and plugging kinds of pipes.

7. After deflating, the products are easy to fold, having advantages of light weight, easy to storage, anti-aging, long term using life, low price.

Welcome to contact us  if you have any question about our products . We can customize shape, colors, sizes as your requirments. Email:

Collapsible bladder inflatable water tanks


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