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Cheap Portable Army Fuel Can Best 5 Gallon Diesel Can Foldable Fuel Tank 20 Liter

Cheap portable foldable fuel cell 20liter is top sales product,export to many countries,especially United State,most of customers use it for light aircraft.
  • KSD-011
  • Keystar

Best 5 gallon diesel can description

Cheap portable foldable fuel cell 20liter is developed with new materials and new techniques,it is a new kind of fuel container with the barrier effect which can be placed directly in the trunk and has been awarded the national patent. 

5 gallon diesel fuel container specification

Burst pressuremore 0.48MPa
Colordull dark green
Air carrying size620X540mm
Inner size of inlet & outlet36mm
Drop height4.50m
Suitable environmental temperature-41℃~+85℃
Carried mediumgasoline,diesel fuel,avgas, jetA1
Vertical capacity load size530X460X270mm
Horizontal capacity load size600X480X180mm
Surface resistance2×109Ω

Army fuel can details 

Item name:cheap portable army fuel can best 5 gallon diesel can foldable fuel tank 20 liter

Model No.:KSD-011 

Capacity:20 liter(5 US gallon) 

Color:dark green 

Customize color:any colors 

Best fuel can features  

*Made by thermoplastic polyurethane 

*Designed for Chinese Army 

*Portable and storage handily

*Material surface is flame-retardant, anti-static and UV resistant 

*With retractable tubing, easy to use, no oil leakage 

*Useful life is 3 to 5 years 

 *2 years warranty

Boat fuel tank STORAGE ADVICE

*For temporary storage of fuel

*Place on ground to fill

*Highly flammable contents

*No naked flames

*Do not overfill

*Avoid sharp objects

*Do not sit on bladder

*Store away from direct sunlight

*Tie down securely when in use



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