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Cheap Foldable PVC Fabric Made Top Open Water Soaking Seeds Barrel Made In China

RAINBOW made foldable PVC fabric water barrel can soak seeds before planting,and barrel is flexible and stackable when it’s empty.The range of capacities is from 100 liter to 3000 liter.The barrel folds flat for easy storage when you finish soak seeds,then reuse on next sowing season.
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Bags for seeds description

RAINBOW folding PVC barrels are found as container to soak seeds from one customer of us.They deal one large farm and plant rice in cold north-east of China.As we already know that seeds require moisture to germinate.When spring approaches and seed sowing was coming,they purchased 1000 pcs folding PVC barrels 500 liter to sock seed rice before planting.Folding top opening PVC barrels can be filled some water and put seed rice in it,soaking needs to be done at least a few hours before planting,and preferably overnight,which then allows it to germinate faster.

Seeds soaked in water barrel specification

Barrel CapacityDiameter x HeightSupporting rods
100 Liter/22 UK Gal.Ø1.31' x H 2.56'3
160 Liter/35 UK Gal.Ø1.64' x H 2.89'3
250 Liter/55 UK Gal.Ø1.97' x H 2.89'3
380 Liter/84 UK Gal.Ø2.46' x H 2.89'4
800 Liter/176UK Gal.Ø3.28' x H 3.28'4
1000 Liter/220 UK Gal.Ø3.61' x H 3.28'6
1200 Liter/264 UK Gal.Ø3.94' x H 3.61'6
1500 Liter/330 UK Gal.Ø4.27' x H 3.61'6
1600 Liter/352 UK Gal.Ø4.92' x H 2.95'8
2000 Liter/440 UK Gal.Ø4.92' x H 3.61'8
2500 Liter/550 UK Gal.Ø5.58' x H 3.61'8
2500 Liter/550 UK Gal.Ø5.25' x H 3.94'8
3000 Liter/660 UK Gal.Ø6.07' x H 3.61'10

Green rain barrel standard features

1.Stackable & connectable

2.UV resistant PVC tarpaulin material

3.Made in China

4.Self-supporting—locate any flat palce

5.Attach to garden hose or to flex-pipe

6.Available in 100 to 3000 liter

Soak the seeds key benefits

1.Allow the seeds to quickly absorb water and reach the water content that can germinate normally.

2.Let the seed shell soften so that the seeds can germinate normally or the germination speed can be accelerated.

3.Promote early germination of seeds,kill some eggs and germs,and avoid pests and diseases at the seedling stage.

What's Reasons for Soaking Seeds?

In short,a seed can expect to encounter harsh heat and cold in the wild,very wet or dry conditions and may even need to survive the acid-filled digestive tract of an animal.Soaking seeds before planting helps you to break down the seed’s natural defenses against what it expects from Mother Nature, which then allows it to germinate faster.

How long for Soaking Seeds?

Soaking needs to be done at least a few hours before planting,and preferably overnight.



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