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Buy Portable PVC Rainwater Container Rain Collection Barrel With Zipper And Rods

The idea of rainwater harvesting is that rainwater harvesting with portable PVC barrel is becoming a viable alternative for supplying our households and businesses with water.Many countries such as America,Germany and Australia where rainwater harvesting is a norm.
RAINBOW supply portable PVC barrel from 13 US Gal. To 356 US Gal.
  • KSD-010
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Mesh cover for rain barrel description

Portable PVC rainwater barrel folds up and that supporting poles are included to keep it upright.RAINBOW foldable PVC rain barrel are made high-strength 0.55mm thickness PVC coated tarpaulin fabric.Just put it under the downpipe and let the water flow through the top of the mesh. The supplied water outlet valve is used for water outflow or connection to another rain barrel.It is assemble and carry easily.

Large rain water barrel specification

Capacity     (US Gal.)Size                   (cm)Supporting Rod       (pcs)inner box       (cm)Carton size     (cm)Q'ty/ctn.     (pcs)N.W./ctn.     (kgs)G.W./ctn.    (kgs)
13 Gal.Ø40 x H50550x12x1263x26x52101112
26 Gal.Ø40 x H78578x12x1280x26x3861213
42 Gal.Ø50 x H88588x12x1290x26x3861516
53 Gal.Ø60 x H70670x14x1470x30x4461314
60 Gal.Ø60 x H80679x14x1480x30x4461415
66 Gal.Ø60 x H88688x14x1490x30x4461718
100 Gal.Ø70 x H98798x14x14100x30x4462122
132 Gal.Ø80 x H98898x16x16100x34x3441920
198 Gal.Ø100 x H981098x18x18100x38x3842325
264 Gal.Ø120 x H881288x18x1890x38x20213.414.2
330 Gal.Ø120 x H11012110x18x18112x38x20214.416.2
356 Gal.Ø120 x H12012120x18x18122x38x20217.318.2

Container to catch rainwater feature

1.Have a removable,zippered lid to dip buckets.

2.Connector pipe allows for expansion in series by increasing total capacity

3.Attach to garden hose or to flex-pipe.

4.Will not crack or break due to cold or freezing temperatures

5.Available in 4 colors,grass green,dark green,black and tan.



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