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Buy Discount Of Flexible Sanitizing Container Sanitizing Container Made With PVC Tarpaulin

RAINBOW flexible PVC container built to hold bulk liquid fertilizer and sanitization provide long-term performance & resist corrosion to protect against even the most corrosive fertilizers.95% lighter than steel tank
  • KSD-003
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Sanitizing container description

RAINBOW flexible container supply one solution for the permanent or temporary storage of bulk liquid fertilizer and sanitization.Flexible PVC cointainer has become essential for recovering gray water for industry,public authorities or farmers.Bladder range in capacities from 53 to 2642 US gallons,perfect for water transportation through truck,vessel and trailer.All RAINBOW bladders are done air pressure tested before shipping,are easy to handle, and stacked for compact,easy storage.

Solution for sanitization container specification

No.Capacity          Dimensions(inch)

Top Dia.Bottom Dia.Height
153 US gal.14"31"31"
2132 US gal,24"43"31"
3264 US gal.31"55"39"
4396 US gal.39"63"43"
5528 US gal.47"71"47"
6793 US gal.51"79"55"
71057 US gal,51"94"57"
81321 US gal.55"110"55"
92642 US gal.94"142"55"

Sanitizing container features

1.Light,flexible & strong

2.Instant set-up,just unfold & fill

3.Collapsible to only 4% of full volume

1000 gallon water tank home depot benefits and uses

1.Foldable and mobile

2.Light weight when it’s empty

3.Reusable and long life cycle

4.Stores chemical and liquid fertilizers.

5.Rainwater collection

6.Fire fighting water storage



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