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Buy Discount Of Collapsible Rain Storage Bladder Portable Rainwater Collection Tank

Going green has become increasingly popular recently. why not try harvesting rainwater with collapsible rain storage bladder? This idea may sound impossible,you can contact with RAINBOW TEAM to provide rainwater collection bladder for you.
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Rainwater harvesting storage tanks description

We manufacture rain storage bladders with rectangle shape Since 2006.It is very significant that harvesting rain to store and use again.The range of bladder  capacity from 200liter to 1000,000liter,which can meet your requirement to harvest rain water.We can custom different shape with any colors too. rain storage bladders can be used with many times.

Rain harvesting tank sizes and capacities


Top Dia.Bottom Dia.Height
153 gal.14"31"31"
2132 gal,24"43"31"
3264 gal.31"55"39"
4396 gal.39"63"43"
5528 gal.47"71"47"
6793 gal.51"79"55"
71057 gal,51"94"57"
81321 gal.55"110"55"
92642 gal.94"142"55"

Rain storage containers features

1. PVC coated fabric with high tenacity

2. Healthy and safety PVC material,No pollution to water

3. Wear resistant,tear resistant,heat resistant,age resistant

4. Flexible and folded,light in weight,movable empty tank handily

5. Supply water anywhere anytime or storage water

6. Assemble & carriage easily

7. Make-to-order

8. Make different volume & size

500 gallon rain water tank application

1. Used for water storage and transportation

2. Agriculture irrigation water storage for draughty hills,remote mountains area.

3. Commonality emergency,fire fighting water storage,lifesaving,etc.

4.Store drinking water for livestock drinking

5.Other slurry and gray water storage



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