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Buy Collapsible PVC Fabric Bag Irrigation Water Storage Tank Bladder Rectangle Shape

Harvesting rainwater to irrigatie is a cheap effective way to provide water for a smaller sized crop area. Collapsible PVC fabric water bladder is one closed container to keep a bladder filled using rain water harvesting,it would be especially cost effective if the climate of the area can provide enough rainwater.
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Irrigation from water tank description

RAINBOW has manufactured a wide variety of collapsible PVC fabric irrigation water tanks since 2006.RAINBOW collapsible PVC fabric rectangle shape tank irrigation water storage bag bladders are used on desert or rural,supporting the agriculture development.These flexible reinforced PVC tanks hold chemicals,irrigation water,black water,effluents and slurries too.Capacities from 25 gallons (100 liters) to 50,000 gallons (200,000 liters) are available in many fields.

Tank irrigation feature

Product Name

Collapsible PVC Fabric Bag Irrigation Water Storage Tank Bladder


water storage

Product applications

Irrigation,rainwater collection,fire fighting water storage


PVC tarpaulin


flexible/rectangle shape


Max.: 1000 m³/1000,000liter/35314.7ft³

Min.: 0.05m³/50liter/1.8ft³

Underground water storage tanks for irrigation application

1.Irrigation water storage

2.Ballast boat or bridge

3.Animal drinking water storage

4.Fire water storage

5.Rain water collecting

6.Water for municipal & fest

Irrigation pressure tank advantages  

- Apply fertilizers together with irrigation water

- Save money on water reserves

- You may water plants any time needed

- You have a great crop regardless the weather conditions

- Place the irrigation water storage bladder at any convenient place,in the field,on the yard,near the well

Water agriculture tank quality control

Each rectangle shape irrigation water storage bags bladder from RAINBOW goes through rigorous quality control tests including a pressure test and a stress test to ensure a strong and leak-proof product.

Irrigation pressure tank export shipping

Every bladder from RAINBOW is folded,hand packed and shipped in either skidded re-usable carton or wooden carton or pallet.



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