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Business Training In April 10

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We participated in a sharing session yesterday. and we have gained a lot from it.

Xi'An Green Liquid Tank Co.,Ltd..jpg

Buiness share meeting from Xi'An Green Liquid Tank Co.,Ltd..jpg

These two general managers in charge of exporting business from two different companies shared with us foreign trade companies how to win the million-dollar order from oversea market by Internet? There are many people attending the meeting. 

Buiness training of Xi'An Green Liquid Tank Co.,Ltd..jpgBuiness training of Xi'An Green Liquid Tank Co.,Ltd..jpg

As for the training,we know all of us come to learn more and more method and skill about exporting. After all, the global economic recession badly in past few years. Global competition has become increasingly fierce. The amount of inquiries received by Internet has become less and less,so business is difficult to do for everyone. Even so, we have to charge a lot, continue to learn to improve ourselves, provide services to our customers, and win more business.


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