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Bulk Liquid Shipping Container, Liquid Transport Bladder Bag

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Which liquid is suitable for liquid transport bladder bag?

For customers who need liquid transportation,you need to know which types of liquids are suitable for container bladder bag to transport? After years of experience and long-term transportation, following are the categories of important products can be transported through liquid bags. Let's take a look at the liquids that are suitable for liquid transport bladder bag.imageimage

1. Food industry

This is a product that is afraid of pollution, so it is suitable for container liquid bag transportation. Of course, it is only suitable for some non-corrosive liquids, such as wine, edible oil, various concentrated juices, food additives, alcohol, palm oil, soy sauce, rice wine, mineral water, malt. Extract, various syrups. Such an affordable container fluid bag, which can be used for long-distance transportation, is an effective way to make our products reach the shore safer.

2. Industrial products

Some industries pay attention to the transportation of products. In fact, they can use grease such as some lubricants, lubricant additives, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, coconut, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, castor oil, high oil fatty acid, 

Oleic acid can meet the effective transportation methods of various container liquid bags. Container liquid bags can also transport non-hazardous liquid chemicals, which can be used in some common containers such as plasticizers, resin compositions, detergents, disinfectants, surfactants, polyols, feed additives, silicates, saline solutions, etc. Liquid bag transportation, in the scope of the state, to provide customers with more efficient and cost-effective packaging according to customer transportation requirements.

3. Non-dangerous liquids in chemical industry

Container liquid bag is a new type of chemical container that can store and transport liquid goods of various non-dangerous goods. It can replace traditional packaging such as expensive cans and drums in non-hazardous liquid transportation. Each bag has a standard capacity to store liquids, place them in standard containers, pour liquid into container bags, tighten the filling ports and close the doors, and deliver them in a standard and flexible manner. Transport container logistics model. The container liquid bag can be recycled, buried or extinguished after being treated, which is in full compliance with international environmental treatment requirements and is economical and simple.

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