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Bladder Pressure Tank For Bridge Pre-press Test

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The best solution for bridge engineering pressure test

In the initial stage of bridge construction, preloading the bridge load is a key work in the quality inspection of the project. In the past, the traditional method was to put the soil in iron cans or sandbags and put them on the bridge for actual pressure test, which need to pay a lot of manpower and resources to carry a large number of load-bearing items from the low place to the bridge. 

Moreover, the cleaning of the sandbag is also a very heavy work after the pre-pressture test work. It is even necessary to use some heavy-duty facilities such as excavators and cranes to assist the construction. In the construction environment, the time is more time-consuming and laborious, and heavy lifting is required. And the handling equipment can be completed, and there are certain personnel safety risks. 

water bladderwater bladder

The above problems will be solved by pre-pressing with a soft collapsible water bag. The operator only needs to place the empty bag in the pre-pressing part, and the weight of the empty bag is more than one hundred kilograms, which is easy to handle and simple to operate. Then, it can be tested by filling it with a water pump. Due to the simplicity, accuracy, low cost and reusability of collapsible water bag testing, more and more people are now choosing to use our soft bridge pre-pressed water bags for pressure testing. I believe collapsibel water bag will definitely be the first choice for bridge preloading and pressure testing in the future.

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