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Biogas bladder tank for farming

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According to the current situation of Biogas Development in China, it is necessary to produce biogas storage bags. First, the pressure of biogas digesters built in various places is generally 10KPA. When there is a lot of gas in summer, a large number of biogas will run away from the water pressure room, overflow hole and safety valve, which cannot be fully utilized. Second, the gas chamber of the household small biogas tank is too small to maintain the gas supply pressure like the hydraulic biogas tank, so the sustainable use time is short. Therefore, in order to improve the utilization rate of biogas and extend the continuous use time, Jinan dongfanglong science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. has developed for many years and specially produced biogas gas storage bags, which are matched with corresponding gas storage bags to greatly increase the gas chamber volume of biogas digester and achieve the purpose of full utilization of biogas.

Usage of soft biogas digester:

(1) The basic conditions of biogas fermentation: strict anaerobic environment; proper amount of inoculum (biogas pond sediment or activated sludge under the cesspit, slaughterhouse sewer sludge); proper amount of fermentation raw materials; higher temperature; appropriate pH value.

(2) In order to adjust the pH value, a small amount of quicklime can be added to the compost of biogas raw materials such as cow manure and pig manure. Generally, the compost can form the enrichment and production conditions of anaerobic bacteria rapidly through the compost for 3-5 days. After being put into the biogas bag, it can reach the peak gas production in the shortest time, and then it can be put into the soft biogas bag. Seal one end of the material mouth with plywood, add 100-200kg of sewage and biogas residue when adding biogas material from the other material mouth, seal it with plywood after loading, push biogas bag to mix the material evenly, generally 2-5 days can produce gas. When the gas is just opened, if it is difficult to burn due to gas mixing, it should be discharged. Generally, it can be used on fire if it is discharged once or twice. One time feeding can be used for about six months. When the gas production is significantly reduced, prepare materials in advance for retting and refueling. Recycle biogas tank with inlet and outlet, biogas materials can be used for continuous gas production at any time.

Usage of biogas/gas bladder tanks:

(1) Choose a flat place to place, to prevent sharp tools from puncturing and poultry invasion.

(2) When a small bag of less than two cubic meters is used, a certain amount of weight shall be pressed on the bag to ensure the use of air pressure. The larger biogas bag shall be equipped with a biogas booster pump.

(3) The sealing can be checked by applying soapy water. If leakage holes are found, they can be repaired by PVC plastic adhesive. Generally, when purchasing the soft biogas digester, the manufacturer will present corresponding repair kits, including a variable number of repair stickers and glue.

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