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Big supplier who sell collapsible water tank to United Nations

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We got more and more tenders from United Nations in past years,and we supply collapsible water tanks to United Nations successfully.most tenders required pillow water tank 10,000liter for both human beings and animals and therefore, we require high quality material for drinkable water,now we can supply their details as following:

                                  Pillow tank capacity 10,000 liters

· Tank capacity 10,000 Litres/ 2642 gallons

· The collapsible water tanks shall store water that will be used by both human beings and animals and therefore, we require high quality material for drinkable water

· Bladder shell material (PVC/Vinyl Material)provides mechanical strength, UV and weather resistance, leakage proofing and operability in the wide range of climate condition from -50°C up to +50°C, agingresistant, acid resisting, and alkali-resisting.

· Made out of a flexible PVC tarpaulin that is incredibly strong material (22 oz PVC)

· Portable and easy to carry fully collapsible, can be easily folded, transported & relocated anywhere.

· The tanks are of 3.85 M*3.85M*1 M approximate size when filled up.

· Easy to operate – it is quick to set up and requires no fixing tools.

· Low maintenance – easy to clean and repair even at sites

· Empty tanks can be folded, compact fold for easy storage.

· Environmentally friendly

· No pollution to water or other liquids stored in it.

· 12 months warranty with at least 5 year durability – manufactured from high performance material reinforced on both sides with PVC fabric.

pillow water tank 10,000literPillow tank capacity 10,000 liters

ACCESSORIES OF EACH PILLOW WATER TANK (Additions supplied together with the tank for ease of operations)

· Air vent, diameter: 25mm, 1pc- this is an over flow point just in case the tank is full beyond capacity

· One inlet ball valve with 100 mm diameter and 2 outlet ball valls with 50 mm diameter installed on the sides of the tank

· Packing cloth, four (4) handles (two handles on each side) 1pc for packing the bladder)

· Ground cover, 1pc- Ground cover is the cloth which is spread where the collapsible water tank is to be placed. Ground cloth also protects the collapsible water tank as well.

· First Aid clamps, 2pc ( Basic tool kit for mounting/installation of the collapsible water tank)

· Rubber stopple 2pc for drainage of water (rubber stopper inserted in the drainage hole when the tank is in use. When the tank is to be moved, it must be removed to allow water to drain out for the tank to be folded.

· Forflex, 1pc-

· Rubberized fabric, 1pc

· Packaging: Collapsible water tanks to be packed together with accessories and containerized for transportation to final destinations.

We often supply flexible pillow water tank to United Nations with large quantity,which can supply drinking water to people,and other times they will need pillow pvc water tank for irrigation,capacity is 10,000liter mostly.


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