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Best Folding PVC Tarpaulin Made Rain Barrel 50 Gallon Portable Garden Water Storage Barrels 

We should keep in mind Rainwater is a valuable resource,Don't let it get away!
Harvest enough rain from roof by 50 gallon portable rain barrel to meet ALL your outdoor water and irrigation needs.
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50 gallon water barrel description 

The United States,Germany and other countries have accumulated a lot of useful experience in reducing the impact of rainwater on the drainage system. The concept of "rain barrel" calls on community residents to use more portable rain barrels to collect rainwater. It can reduce the water expenses of family watering flowers and lawns,on the other hand, it can reduce the impact of rainwater on the drainage system. 

Garden water storage barrels specification

Volume     (L=liter)Size                   (cm)Rod       (pcs)inner box       (cm)Carton size     (cm)Q'ty/ctn.     (pcs)N.W./ctn.     (kgs)G.W./ctn.    (kgs)
50LØ40 x H50550x12x1263x26x52101112
100LØ40 x H78578x12x1280x26x3861213
160LØ50 x H88588x12x1290x26x3861516
200LØ60 x H70670x14x1470x30x4461314
225LØ60 x H80679x14x1480x30x4461415
250LØ60 x H88688x14x1490x30x4461718
380LØ70 x H98798x14x14100x30x4462122
500LØ80 x H98898x16x16100x34x3441920
750LØ100 x H981098x18x18100x38x3842325
1000LØ120 x H881288x18x1890x38x20213.414.2
1250LØ120 x H11012110x18x18112x38x20214.416.2
1350LØ120 x H12012120x18x18122x38x20217.318.2

Folding rain barrel features  

*Capacity:50 gallon 

*Meassures approx. 25"h x 23" w. 

*Rain barrel collects water from rooftop runoff and provides an ample supply of free water to you 

*Barrel is collapsible for easy rainwater storage 

*Made of corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant pvc fabric 

*Strut frame, 1/2'' garden hose with fittings and 32MM flexible pipe included 

*All inlet and outlet with netted filter avoid leaves and mosquitoes in it             

*Supply detailed installation instructions  

*Tap-Outlet in 33cm height 

*Diameter of inlet is 10.5 cm 

*Top lid with zip-fastener 

Garden rain barrel details 


Packing:color box or carton 

Warranty of 50 gallon portable rain barrel:2 years 

Delivery time:within 20 business days after you confirm order to us 

Packing and delivery of 50 gallon portable rain barrel

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