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Best Flexible Rain Barrel Collapsible Water Barrel For Collecting Rainwater Home Depot

Volume range of collapsible rainwater barrels from 50 to 1500liter,you can capture rainwater from roofs and store rain by rainwater barrel where it can be safely stored until needed.
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Water barrel for collecting rainwater description

Rainwater capture and storage is still a primary method for collecting the water needed to meet both agricultural and potable water requirements.The most common household types of water collection systems are designed to capture rainwater from roofs through collapsible rainwater barrels. 

Capacity:50L,100L,160L,250L,300L,500L,750L,1000L and 1500L

500 gallon rain barrel

Barrels for rain water sizes and capacities


 (L/US Gal.)

Size                   (cm) Rod       (pcs) inner box       (cm) Carton size     (cm) Q'ty/ctn.     (pcs) N.W./ctn.     (kgs) G.W./ctn.    (kgs)
50L/13 Gal. Ø40 x H50 5 50x12x12 63x26x52 10 11 12
100L/26 Gal. Ø40 x H78 5 78x12x12 80x26x38 6 12 13
160L/42 Gal Ø50 x H88 5 88x12x12 90x26x38 6 15 16
200L/53 Gal. Ø60 x H70 6 70x14x14 70x30x44 6 13 14
225L/60 Gal. Ø60 x H80 6 79x14x14 80x30x44 6 14 15
250L/66 Gal. Ø60 x H88 6 88x14x14 90x30x44 6 17 18
380L/100 Gal. Ø70 x H98 7 98x14x14 100x30x44 6 21 22
500L/132 Gal. Ø80 x H98 8 98x16x16 100x34x34 4 19 20
750L/198 Gal. Ø100 x H98 10 98x18x18 100x38x38 4 23 25
1000L/264 Gal. Ø120 x H88 12 88x18x18 90x38x20 2 13.4 14.2
1250L/330 Gal. Ø120 x H110 12 110x18x18 112x38x20 2 14.4 16.2
1350L/356 Gal. Ø120 x H120 12 120x18x18 122x38x20 2 17.3 18.2

Best rain collection barrel features

*Barrel is collapsible for easy storage 

*PVC rain barrel with rain diverter 

*Portable and collapsible for easy setup and storage  

*Also includes a variable speed spout and an overflow valve 

*Vinyl-coated all-season zippered lid and PVC support legs 

*Made of high-impact PVC with anti-UV 

Top rated rain barrels specification  

1.Compressible package for storage and transportation                                                

2.Effortless installation and dismantlement 

3.Optional various plumbing of water tank for each downpipe 

4.Easy connection togett and UV-resistant pvc fabric                                                       

5.Easily be emptied and moved to new place                                                             

6.Made of corrosion-resistane with fittings and 32MM flexible pipe included                 

7.Strut frame, 1/2'' garden hosher for difference capacity water tanks

8.All inlet and outlet with netted filter               

9.Detailed installation instructions                   

10.Water from the tank is undrinkable                 

11.2 year manufacture warranty 

12.Tap-Outlet in 825px height 

13.Diameter of inlet is 0.50inch 

14.Lid with zip-fastener  



Q1.Are you factory or tranding company? 

A:We are one of professional manufacturers of collapsible water tank and fuel bladder in China,established in 2006. 

Q2.Can you supply free sample ?

A:We can provide small free sample to you,and you need pay express charge. 

Q3.How to inspect quality of water tank and fuel bladder? 

A:We will do inflatable testing and soap-foam testing before shipment. 

Q4.What is the MOQ? 

A:Our MOQ is 300pcs,but we can accept 1-2pcs as trial order. 

Q5.Is there any discount? 

A:Yes,price is based on your quantity,discount is depended on your large quantity too,we often supply competitive price to customer within 11 years. 

Q6.How to place order and make payment ? 

A:You can place Purchase Order to us or send your order confirmation to us by email,and we will make Proforma Invoice(or Sales Confirmation) with bank information to you,then you can make payment and start to do business with each other. 

Q7.Can you supply fast delivery? 

A:yes,we can. 

Best rain barrels to buy?You can call us at +86-29-85518382 or e-mail to us for more information.



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