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Benefit of soaking seeds and health

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People are paying more and more attention to health nowadays. How to eat will be healthier? Which kind of food is more healthy? People can get many health opinions from newspapers and by Internet.

soaking seedsPVC soaking seeds barrel

We got same viewpoint that soaking raw nuts and seeds can increase the nutritional content of Vitamins,for example,Vitamin A,C,especially Vitamin B. Soaking nuts and seeds in warm water activates the beneficial enzymes and neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors making them more digestible and utilized easily. Soaking grains in an acidic warm water solution also encourages the production of these friendly enzymes, and beneficial bacteria, which, in turn, neutralizes the phytic acid in the grains that put such a strain on the digestive system.

What we should do to eliminate this pressure?

We are boosting their nutritional profile which enhances the digestive process and the growth of friendly bacteria by lacto-fermenting foods.we can use it for nuts, seeds and whole grains,they are no different. They are much easier to digest, and their nutrients are more potent readily available, and they will taste better if they are first soaked in warm water for different degrees of time.

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