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Are Collapsible Fish Ponds Good?

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Among many agricultural industries, the aquaculture industry has increasingly become a sunrise industry that makes our collapsible fish pond attracted much attention. Especially, large-scale farming and special breeding are increasingly favored by many investors. This is undoubtedly a big boost, but This survival rate seems to be another big problem! Taking fish farming alone, water temperature treatment, water circulation, etc. are all stumbling blocks for investors on the road to getting rich. In response to this situation, Maijieke has developed a new type of collapsible fish pond, which can effectively and effectively improve a series of problems such as the drawbacks of traditional farming and water treatment.


The water treatment used in the traditional fish ponds used for fish farming is mainly through the addition of water and drainage channels. In this way, mixing the soil with water is not particularly beneficial to the survival of the fish. The addition of geomembrane has a certain effect, improving water quality. However, the use period is not long, manual, high cost, and there is a certain trouble in replacement. This is also the drawback of traditional fish ponds. The new type of collapsible fish pond has greatly reduced the cost of breeding and artificial miscellaneous expenses. Through scientific methods, the pollution of water and the limiting factors of soil quality for fish farming are reduced, thereby greatly improving the survival rate of fish.

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