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Application of pillow fuel tanks in petroleum industry

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Here we want to introduce one of the application of pillow fuel tanks which in petroleum field.we also named it as collapsible fuel bladder pillows because it looks like a pillow after filled.

pillow fuel tanks in petroleum industry

pillow fuel tanks used in petroleum industry

Each group petroleum system has its own downhole operation company, whose main task drill and extract oil according to the oil field exploration results. a lot of water or well washing fluid will be injected into oil well during the process of drilling oil extraction,we often use large capacity 50 tons of iron tank beside well under condition the traditional way, we often pour water and washing fluid into the well by pump. But we will have to spend a lot of manpower and resources to load iron tank 50 tons beside well.iron oil tank must be carried back to the warehouse and occupied a large site once the oil well is put in working.

inlet without cap of pillow fuel tankinlet with cap of pillow fuel tank

More and more petroleum system choose collapsible fuel bladder tanks in use because the weight of empty bladder is very light,it can bring great convenience for transportation work, it is convenient and delivery quickly to the scene and warehouse as a downhole operation tool.

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