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Application of pillow fuel tanks in electric power industry

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There are many electric power equipment with oiling type in the electric enterprise,such as large transformer,circuit breaker and switch, they often need to fill oil or oil filter in the maintenance or repair site,we often need to carry large iron tank to site to complete this work.We must require each tank capacity in 10 to more than 20 cubic to maintenance transformers in 110KV or more one,but self weight of each iron tank is 1 to 2 tons, so we need cranes and large trailer to carry it, sometimes oil iron tank must be clean before using because it is no usage for a long term, and we must carry on the anti-corrosion treatment after we use it.because of above reasons,we generally need a week to finish the work, the labor intensity is relatively large for a long time, so it will bring a lot of inconvenience to substation maintenance person.

Giving steel tank up and use flexible pillow fuel tank

Labour intensity problems will be solved when you choose and use collapsible fuel bladder tanks, It can be folded and empty tank is small size and light weight, for example, the self weight is 50 kilograms for capacity of 10 cubic meters of pillow fuel bladder,much lighter than iron oil tank 30 times. the oil in the interior is not contact with the air because the fuel tank is fully enclosed so that the maintenance work will not be affected although weather is in rainy or snowy.

electric power transformer oil tank

handle of pillow fuel tank

In addition,pillow fuel tank will never rust because it is made from polymeric synthetic materials,so it is no need do antiseptic treatment after using, you can make it in folded and put it in the warehouse and use it next time.

It can bring great convenience for the maintenance work, and the speed of equipment repair is greatly improved and enhance economic performance, pillow fuel bladder will be the best products in the future to replace iron oil cans because of its many advantage,small volume, light weight, good sealing,no rust and strong maneuverability.

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