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Aircraft fuel cells bladders

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Aircraft fuel cells bladders is also called polyurethane fuel bladder, also known as portable fuel bladder, flexible fuel bladder. The fuel cells bladders is always placed in the trunk of the vehicles for the supply of gasoline and fuel.

Aircraft fuel cells bladders is made of high-strength, puncture-resistant, tear-resistant and low-temperature resistant polyurethane (TPU) coated cloth, which is made by high frequency welding or hot synthesis after cutting. This kind of portable fuel storage bag has the characteristics of light weight, foldable, wear-resistant, drop-resistant, good sealing, non-toxic and tasteless, convenient to carry and carry, anti-static and so on.

Advantage of our fuel bladders:

(1) The outer side of the portable fuel cells bladders is treated with no light and flame retardant;

(2) The diameter of the soft capsule inlet and outlet port is 36mm, which is suitable for ordinary fueling gun or barrel fuel filling. At the same time, the inlet and outlet ports adopt corrugated pipe mouth, which can directly refuel the vehicle. When operating, the bellows can be removed and reversely screwed. Inside the inlet and outlet ports of the portable reservoir.

(3) Most aircraft fuel cells bladders are army green, sand yellow, black is the corporate standard color, it can also be customized if you need other color or have other requirements.

Welcome to contact us  if you have any question about our products . We can customize shape, colors, sizes as your requirments. Email:

Aircraft fuel cells bladders


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