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Advantages of Soft Foldable fuel bladder

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Our soft foldable fuel bladder is made of polyurethane (TPU) coated cloth with high strength, puncture resistance, tear resistance and good low temperature resistance. It is made by high frequency welding or thermal synthesis. Mainly used for long-term or temporary storage of oil, chemicals, or other liquids.


(1) Good maneuverability.

Take 10 cubic polyurethane oil (liquid) tanks as an example, the fuel bladder is only 0.3 m³ after folding, and the weight is about 57KG. Meanwhile, the traditional iron tanks generally weigh more than 1 ton, which need cranes and large vehicles to carry.

(2) Daily maintenance is very simple.

There is no need for special maintenance, and the fuel bladder has water, fuel, aging, ultraviolet resistance, etc.

(3) It has little effect on liquid products in it.

The liquid level always contacts the tank wall, and there is no oil and gas on the top. The tank material does not affect the oil quality, and the surface resistivity meets the safety standard.

(4) Long service life, reduce no-load rate and save cost.

(5) Various specifications, shapes and colors. It can also be customized according to customers' requirements.

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