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Advantages of flexible soft fuel bladder tanks

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The sotf fuel tank is made of TPU material. It is mainly applied for fuel, oil, gasoline storage and widely use at Oilfield, Yacht, Jet for storage.

Where do we always aee flexible bladder tanks

Oil Fields, Mining Locations, Military Operations, Residential Areas, Industrial Facilities,Construction Sites etc.

Advantages of flexible soft fuel bladder tanks:

1. The material of soft fuel bladder tanks has the characteristics of high strength, tensile strength, tear 

resistance and peel resistance, double-sided TPU coating, high-strength and high-density mesh cable;

2. It has anti ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and other properties;

3. Waterproof, antifouling, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant;

4. High temperature and cold resistance.

5. Environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless!

We are specialized in all kinds of flexible water, fish tank, and fuel bladders. Contact us if you are looking for soft bladder tanks.  E-mail:

flexible soft fuel bladder tanks


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