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Accessories Of Water Storage Bladder

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The accessories of water bladder is very important in the daily usage. Here are the normal parts of water storage bladders 

Faucet/Nozzle . The choice of the faucet of the water bladder is very important. It must be easy to open and close, one-handed operation or tooth opening. Also, ensure the pressure resistance when the nozzle is closed. A depressed water bag that I have seen friends, the faucet is so closed that the water pipes should be tied up every time they are transported, otherwise the water will flow out from the water nozzle after the backpack is stacked.

Inlet: Obviously, the larger the opening, the easier it is to fill the water. Of course, the larger the corresponding opening, the worse the sealing and compression resistance. Most of the existing faucets use a screw-like opening similar to that of a drum lid. In addition, a few water pockets use the water pocket of the shackle. This type of opening is not expected to be overwhelmed. Of course, it’s really hard to see a roll-up opening like Hydrapak, and it’s a product that can resist the pressure of the car.

Hanging ring of water bladder: It is recommended to hang the water bladder as much as possible. First, avoid the water bag moving back and forth in the bladder, increasing unnecessary physical exertion, and the center of the transfer will be slightly affected the feeling of carrying.

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