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About Soaking seeds and Health

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One of old customer from America told us that he read one book named Nourishing Traditions before,it changed his life really and health. One of the most valuable lessons he learned was that the health benefits of soaking and dehydrating or sprouting nuts, seeds and grains.

As you known that nuts, seeds and grains are nutritional powerhouses. they need to be soaked and dehydrated or sprouted in order to capitalize on their nutritional profile and protect ourselves from natural toxins.

There are some of the principle reasons why soaking is beneficial to our health:

*Soaking can remove anti-nutrients,such as phytates, tannins and goitrogens.

*Soaking can help to neutralize enzyme inhibitors

*Soaking can increase the potency of nutrients,like Vitamin B

*Soaking can make proteins more readily available

*soaking eradicate toxins contained in the colon and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria like lactobacilli which we know is vital for intestinal and colon health

*Soaking can promote the growth of healthy enzymes vital for healthy digestion


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