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Global water resources survey-MaiJieKe collapsible containers for water

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Global situation

Water is a precious resource for human survival and development. Although the earth "three land seven water diversion", the total water resources of 1 billion 400 million cubic kilometers, but the sea water accounted for 97.2%, accounted for only 2.8% of fresh water reserves, only 3.7 million cubic metres, most of which are in the Antarctic and Arctic ice, human life to the production and use of surface water is only 105 trillion cubic meters. From the last century since 90s, the world's fresh water resources shortage, serious pollution, water, drought and intensified, make the balance and stability of the earth's ecological system is destroyed, and a direct threat to human survival and development.

Global water supply

With the growth of population and the development of economy, the demand for water is increasing faster and faster. Many countries are in water shortage and the economic development is restricted. However, many departments of water resources development in various departments, each department acting on its own development and management of water resources, hindering the comprehensive utilization of water resources, the water resources supply and demand contradiction intensified.

water is lifeonion water storage tank

On the other hand, there is no general recognition of the extent to which human activities are damaging to water resources. In order to promote the comprehensive planning and management of water resources, strengthen the protection of water resources, and solve the increasingly serious water problems, we should not only have technical measures, but also must pay attention to social publicity and education. In addition to strengthening the management of water resources in terms of policies, laws and management systems, publicity and education should be carried out to raise public awareness of water conservation. It is for these reasons, the forty-seventh session of the United Nations Conference on the United Nations Conference on environment and development in the "twenty-first Century agenda" the eighteenth chapter "protect the quality and supply of freshwater resources: water resources development, management and utilization of the proposed comprehensive measures" of the proposal, determined to make the whole world to concern and solve the problem of water resources the "World Water Day" resolution. One must be awake to the fact that the water crisis is likely to come sooner than a food crisis or an oil crisis.


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